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Iranian Crude Oil

Crude oil is the most important natural resource of the industrialized nations.

about us


Persian Petro Co. Ltd., undertakes the responsibility of ensuring our clients worldwide receive petroleum products of the highest standard and quality in the industry. We offer favorable payment conditions to our clients worldwide.
Due to our close cooperation with Iran’s Petrochemical Community, our ambition to advance our breakthroughs into special related fields in our industry, during particular periods of the year when availability is present Our sales and collaborations include but are not limited to China, India, Philippine, Taiwan, Pakistan, Yangon, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iraq and the whole of Africa. Whether you are seeking our expert advice or require an official quote, our aim is to be your primary choice for your essential Petrochemical necessities,

Persian Petro Co. Ltd, has attained adequate experience on Purchasing, Selling, Swap and Transit of Oil distillates and Gas products for years. Having a close relationship with N.I.O.C and state owned refineries enabled us to meet our client’s requirements with competitive prices and in specific time frame. 

Constant development and expansion is one of the Persian Petro Co. Ltd, main activities in the past few years. Continuous research, evaluating market demand, and following relevant and latest technologies persuaded us to invest heavily on potential projects, providing customer satisfaction and bringing dozens of benefits to country economy.


Today, Persian Petro Co. Ltd. is one of the leading exporters of Oil, Petrochemicals & Chemicals products in the Middle East, CIS and SE Asia countries, and also acts as a leading global trading company with efficient, trustworthy and reliable services.

Based on the above, we maintain a long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, Persian Petro Co. Ltd, is positioned to meet them. 

With a group of expert staff, Persian Petro Co. Ltd. is able to provide professional service covering international sales and purchasing.

  • Address:
    No. #4 Pardis Trade Center,
    Imam Jafar Sadegh, Heza Jerib St.,
    Isfahan, Iran
  • Phone:
    +98 31 36 73 58 84 - Office
    +98 31 36 73 58 84 - Fax
    +98 913 168 47 88 - Cell Phone (WhatsApp - International Market)
    +98 938 301 05 93 - Cell Phone (Arab Market)