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Licensor:   Technip
Annual production capacity:   1,320,000 MT of ethylene and 300,000 MT of propylene
Feed:   Four liquid feed furnaces and six gas feed furnaces are installed in this plant.
  Gas feed of the complex is supplied either by South Pars project phases and Pars Petrochemical Complex and liquid feed is supplied by Noori Petrochemical Complex.
Features:   • The largest olefin producer in Iran and one of the largest in the world
  • Benefiting state of art and environmentally friendly technology
  • World class capacity
  • Having flexible furnaces to use both liquid and gas feed
Applications:   Supplying complex’ other plants feedstock and other plants in the region
Grade   Ethylene, Propylene, Raffinate, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Fuel Oil (CFO), Tetra-Carbon Compounds